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Amida, Inc. has Swiss turning capacity up to 3/4" diameter with a sub-spindle, allowing work on both ends of a part to be completed in one operation.


Additionally, our two sliding head stock turning/milling centers, allow us to do Swiss-type turning up to 1-3/8" diameter with less costly non-ground bar stock. These machines are complete with live tooling allowing us to complete multiple operations in one setup.  With 12' bar feeders, we are able to run large quantities of parts with high efficiently.

Amida Inc. can also handle larger turning up to 10"  in diameter and 30" long on our 2-Axis lathe.



With several Vertical Machining Centers with up to 28" x 18" capacity, and two with full 4th axis capability,

This equipment allows us to machine multiple sides of a part in one clamping or multiple parts at one time. 


Precision turning and milling—specializing in fittings, pins, bosses, and hinges.

Ganesh 32-CS

7-Axis CNC Swiss Machine without guide bushing

  • ​36mm  - 1-3/8” Bar Capacity

  • Dual “C” Axis and “Y” Axis with 19” Travel

  • 27-Tools with 11-Driven Tools

  • Simultaneous Main & Sub-Spindle Machining

  • Tool-Load Monitoring with Cutter Torque Sensing

  • 800 Inch per Minute Rapid Rates

Ganesh 32-NC

4-Axis CNC Mill/Turn CNC Lathe

  • 36mm 1-3/8” Bar Capacity

  • 18-Tools with 7-Driven Tools 

  • “C” Axis and “Y” Axis with 19” Travel

  • 800 Inch per Minute Rapid Rates


Citizen Cincom L20 Series swiss lathe


5-Axis CNC Mill/Turn CNC Swiss Lathe

  • 20mm  - 3/4” Bar Capacity

  • 10-Tools with 2-Driven Tools 

  • “C” Axis and “Y” Axis 

  • 800 Inch per Minute Rapid Rates

Ganesh VMC 2818

27.95” X 17.71” 4 Axis High Speed Vertical Machining Center

  • Roller Bearing Ways (twice as rigid as ball ways)

  • 24 Tool High-Speed Double Arm ATC

  • 1,417 Inch per Minute Rapid Rates

  • 12,000 RPM Double-Ground “Big-Plus” Spindle

  • Spindle Chiller for Consistent Thermal Stability

  • 300-PSI Through-the-Tool Coolant System

  • 2,700 Block Look-Ahead High-Speed Machining

  • 4th Axis


Ganesh VMC-1814

17.72” x 12.40” 4 Axis High Speed Vertical Machining Center


• Hardened and Ground wide Box Way saddle for heavy-duty cutting performance

• 10-HP Peak Spindle Motor for superior metal removal


• Rigid tapping for high-speed precision tapping performance

• CAT-40 taper spindle for the tool rigidity needed for tough


• 6-bearing thermal symmetrical dynamically balanced


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